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Housing Planning Library

Welcome to our Housing Planning Library! While many of these topics have been discussed and outlined in many other forums, we bring these subjects together from a housing perspective. It is our hope that if a person wants to explore their housing options, or plan for a family member in the future, this will provide the background and information necessary to make a well informed decision and an opportunity to explore the various available choices. Not every subject will apply to every person's situation, but rather, one can scan the list and see what areas interest them, based on their own preferences and needs.

See Housing Planning Library Topics below.   more

Accessible Homes, Visitable Homes, Universal Design And Walkable Communities

Many advocates and individuals are requesting visitable communities, accessible homes, universal design and walkable communities. We want to create neighborhoods that are user friendly, especially for persons with disabilities.   more

Adult Home Help Services Explained

The Department of Human Services (DHS, formerly known as FIA (Family Independence Agency) provides Adult Home Help Services (AHHS) to provide support to persons in their homes and communities so that they can continue to live in their current setting, rather than a facility such as a nursing home or adult foster care home that could provide more services and supports.   more

Advocacy For Affordable Housing: Contact Government Representatives

We do have a voice and the ability to make a difference. The people that have been elected need and want to hear our ideas. Each individual person matters. While there are organized efforts to create a large response to an issue, we should not feel that our single voice is unheard or unimportant.   more

Credit Ratings And Housing

Credit ratings are necessary for people who want housing, mobile phones, cheap loans, and a fair market insurance rate in our computer connected world. To rent an apartment, purchase a home, get insurance, or buy an automobile, a credit rating will affect not only the ability to get these items, but also the price it will cost. Even to get automobile insurance a person needs a credit rating.   more

Define Family: Township Codes

Most of us have had a roommate or two in the past. Some of us have had two roommates at one time. It is the easiest and most common way to obtain affordable housing. These living arrangements are typical and don't require approval from local municipalities; however most local governments, townships, and cities have a definition of family for their area which may be impacted by these situations in some cases.   more

Encouragement To Work And Earn Income

When pursuing financial recovery, it is helpful to know about the available programs and resources available that can assist. Information on some of these programs can be found in other articles of the Housing Planning Library   more

Fair Housing

This is the first article of a two part series on Fair Housing Laws. The second article goes into detail about reasonable accommodation and modification, a specific function of Fair Housing for people with disabilities.   more

Financial Programs: Making Living More Affordable

Listed below are some great programs that are often underutilized by many of the individuals and families we speak with in the Housing Resource Center. These programs provide credit, funds or assistance to the eligible household to either financial helps or to improve the living conditions of the home.   more

Fiscal Intermediary

Many people have experienced challenges to independent living due to challenges in financial literacy. A person does not have to let this prevent them from fulfilling their dreams.   more

Home Maintenance

A well cared for home (house or apartment) can provide years of security and comfort. Regular check-ups and maintenance are necessary to insure a safe healthy home.   more

Homeownership Program


Do you dream of owning your own home? Believe it or not, this is a great time to buy a house. Interest rates and home prices are lower than they have been in years.

Please visit for information on the Oakland HOME Program.   more

Housing Choice Vouchers (Section 8) Explained

The housing choice voucher program is one of the federal government's most popular housing programs to assist families with very low-income to afford safe and affordable housing.   more

Housing Start Up Costs To Consider In Residential Placements

Start up costs varies greatly. There are many factors that contribute to the wide range of start up costs. The size of the home, the community the home is in, the individual plans to remodel before moving or to do changes to the home while living there to name a few.   more

Housing: Choices, Choices and Needs

There are many choices to consider when an individual or family is trying to identify a place to live.   more

Individual Development Accounts (IDA) And Housing

An IDA or Individual Development Account, is an excellent way to begin saving for education, one's own business, or a first home purchase. Recently, a bill introduced by Senator Jansen, was passed that extends the use of IDAs for "qualified home improvement".   more

Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) As A Means For Affordable Housing

By forming Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) family members can help provide affordable housing for people with disabilities.   more

Macomb County Community Mental Health (MCCMH) - Intake, Services And Supports

In order to live more successfully in an integrated community, some individuals with a disability find they need the support of their family and friends, or what is called natural supports. However, some individuals have limited natural supports and may need to link within the community to find support, or what is called supplemental support. MCCMH serves as a bridge to close the support gap for those who have limited natural supports, or would like additional support outside of their family and friends.   more

Oakland County Community Mental Health (OCCMHA) - Intake, Services And Supports

In order to live successfully in an integrated community, some individuals find they need a little extra help in terms of supports. While a number of persons rely on help from their family and friends, there may still be a need for additional supplemental help. For others natural supports are limited, requiring the person to look for additional resources within the community.

For many people and families, Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA) serves to bridge this gap with its partners by providing resources to those in need of assistance.   more

Owning A House Vs. Renting An Apartment: A Cost Analysis

There are pros and cons to owning a house versus renting an apartment. Each property has expenses associated with it. Listed below, we have tried to outline the costs for each of these situations.   more

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Video: Opening Doors, Transforming Lives

We provide housing to meet a variety needs in the SE Michigan community. This video offers tours of some of our housing options, explains how these options meet residents’ needs, and highlights how we have creatively utilized multiple funding streams to develop safe, decent, and affordable housing. It is available full screen on our Video Page.

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